We are a digital marketing agency aimed to improve sales and online presence for new and existing businesses.

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We are passionate about helping businesses get ahead of their competitors. Our one-stop Digital Marketing Agency aims to help our clients thrive in a changing omni-channel world and leverage their unique strengths to build a personalized roadmap to success. We’re here to make your life easier — talk to us about how we can help.
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We develop marketing strategies and solutions that ensure results-driven success. We have a variety of marketing strategies that will cater to your needs.

Our Services

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a proven approach for improving a website’s search engine ranking. At Ngoye Marketing, our dynamic SEO strategies target search terms that are proven to convert site traffic into paying customers. We understand the sales process when users search for products and services online.

Google search results matter. Put your brand out there and improve its visibility with higher Google page rankings – tap into our SEO knowledge to capture more customers online!

Search Engine Optimization in Overland Park KS
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Google Ads

Google Ads is a paid marketing service provided by Google. E-commerce businesses use this platform to advertise their product and services on Google search result pages, gmails, YouTube, and other websites participating in Google Ads program.

When people see Ads (impressions) and click to land on a particular product or service page, advertisers pay for each click (cost per click) for getting visits to their webpage in such a way. The whole Google Ads seem to work like an auction where advertisers compete for the top positions of their Ads.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a form of digital marketing that leverages the power of popular social media networks to achieve your marketing and branding goals. But it’s not just about creating business accounts and posting when you feel like it. Social media marketing requires an evolving strategy with measurable goals and includes:

  • Maintaining and optimizing your profiles.
  • Posting pictures, videos, stories, and live videos that represent your brand and attract a relevant audience.
  • Responding to comments, shares, and likes and monitoring your reputation.
  • Following and engaging with followers, customers, and influencers to build a community around your brand.
Social Media Marketing Services in Overland Park KS
Website Development Services in Overland Park KS

Website Development

Developing an effective web presence is imperative for sustainable business growth. While you may be concerned about your social media pages, if your website does not appeal to your audience, your digital marketing efforts will go down the drain. Taking this fact into account, future-minded companies are now increasingly investing in web development so they can comfortably meet the needs of their tech-savvy consumers.

It is no longer a question to ask whether or not website development is important, we know it is more than ever.

Affiliate Marketing

What if you could make money at any time, from anywhere — even while you sleep?

This is the concept behind affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is the process by which an affiliate earns a commission for marketing another person’s or company’s products. The affiliate simply searches for a product they enjoy, then promotes that product and earns a piece of the profit from each sale they make. The sales are tracked via affiliate links from one website to another.

Affiliate Marketing in Overland Park KS

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